Get all your wedding guests' 
photos delivered to your phone.

Waldo is a wedding photo sharing app powered by facial recognition, joinable by text, and 100% sure to delight all.

Our guests were really excited to get the notifications about the pictures they were in from Waldo! It was a really unique concept and honestly made things easier for my husband and me. We were able to post our favorite compilation of the photos on our social media, but guests were still able to access and save any extra photos of themselves!

Gabriela G.
Dallas TX




Up to 3k photo uploads (mobile or web)

Easy text-based on-boarding for guests with personalized join code

Matching photo alerts delivered via 
text or push notification

Custom brand filter (optional)

Auto-populated hash tagging of in-app social posts

Photo favorites, hi-res downloads, in-app print ordering

Pro photographer highlight reel (optional)

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A party favor that delights guests
and delivers pics.

Photos from everyone to everyone

The free app allows all your wedding guests to share their photos easily in one place.

Powered by facial recognition

They submit a selfie, they get all their photos! They'll get notified any time a new photo is uploaded in which they appear!

Integrates with PRO photographers

With an option to include your pro photographer's pics, you can invite everyone to see the pro's photos too, all in the same great space! #hellosimplicity


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